Sports Icons

     Many athletes have gone through a rough path in their life. Whether it dealt with drugs or bankruptcy. Some athletes fell so hard they could never pull themselves out of the trouble they created for themselves. We also have the athletes that made a big impression on their fans lives; many teens looked up to athletes. Today, people use slogans/metaphors that came from baseball or basketball or soccer and they actually make it work in their lives where it sounds good.

     Mike Tyson fell big and made the news. Without a doubt, Tyson was the biggest star in combat sports through the 80s and 90s. He was known for his powerful knockouts and aggressive fighting. That was until he had sexual abuse charges, issues with drugs and alcohol, and then filing for bankruptcy after making more than $400 million in his career, according to Early To Rise. If Tyson would have stayed clean and out of trouble, he would be known as one of the best boxers of all time. Although Tyson has come back and been clean, he is still one of the largest falls from grace in sports history. Here is a link to more sport icons who fell from grace and made the news::

     Muhammad Ali remains a legend in the public eye. When Muhammad refused to enter the Vietnam War, he was stripped of his championship titles, passports, and boxing licenses. He was the first national figure to speak out against the war in Vietnam. He spoke in many places and did not give up until he was able to fight again. This inspired people by letting them know to not give up on what you want until you have it. We all need heroes in the sports arena; if a person loves a sport, they want someone to be able to look up to in that particular sport. Here is a link to more information about Muhammad Ali:

Many people catch onto different sayings from either watching, playing, or listening to a sports team.  One example that I know many teenage boys love to use is “get to first/second/third base”. This saying came from baseball but of course, boys used it for sexual encounters. Another phrase we like to use that came from baseball is “rain check”, when something comes up in our lives and we have to change plans on someone, you ask for a rain check. It spectacular that people can catch onto sayings from a sport and using in the real world and actually make it make sense. Here is a link to more baseball slogans that are used today:

Now you have seen some of my examples on sport icons who fell from grace and made the news, sport heroes who remain a legend in the public eye, and phrases that we use that originally came from a sport.

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